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Campbelltown mechanics specialise in Ford, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan, Holden, Hyundai, Mazda and many other makes and models of vehicles. We are a professional vehicle repairer in Campbelltown. Located in Bradbury and services all of Campbelltown suburbs.

Craftsmen in the Automotive mechanical field for many years.

Fully qualified mechanics with over 40 years of experience working on many other makes of vehicles including Audi, Volvo, BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes.

A family run business with personal service in mind. 

Campbelltown mechanical repairs always use genuine parts for all vehicles. 

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 Lic. No.  55687 

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Opening Hours:

Sunday Closed

Monday Open -      7:00AM - 4:00PM

Tuesday Open -     7:00AM - 4:00PM

Wednesday Open - 7:00AM - 4:00PM

Thursday Open -    7:00AM - 4:00PM

Friday Open -        7:00AM - 4:00PM

Saturday Open -    7:00AM - 12:00PM

(02) 4625 7400

310 St Johns Rd Bradbury NSW 2560

 Lic. No.  55687 

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About Us


Adrian Ghilardi

Having had a love for motor vehicles all his life, Adrian started his career as an apprentice motor mechanic straight from school.  Adrian has built custom motor vehicles from scratch, provided trackside vehicle mechanic maintenance for the classic V8 supercars and has a huge knowledge of all makes and model motor vehicles.

Adrian opened his first mechanical workshop back in 2005 becoming a very qualified repairer given his knowledge and understanding of not only modern motorcars but also classic cars and high-end performance vehicles.

​John Carter

John is a valuable and very experienced motor mechanic at Campbelltown mechanics having worked in various roles in the automotive industry for over 30 years.  John's expertise with car parts, mechanics and makes and models of all motor vehicles and motorcycles enables all members of the community to confidently bring their vehicle for servicing and repairs. Engine reconditioning professional

Fully Licensed Premises

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Your Questions Answered

Campbelltown Mechanical Repairs
How long does it take to do an oil change on my car?

An oil change on any car will require the car to be placed on a hoist and will also require the vehicle's engine to cool down slightly before your motor mechanic can work on it. Normally taking around 45 minutes to 1 hour. And oil change is a relatively common service have done and therefore a professional mechanic can do this job in a reasonable amount of time.

What makes a good mechanic?

Any good tradesman will take good care of the vehicle that he/she is working on. Will treat the vehicle with respect and understand it's your prized possession. A Clean tradesman usually makes good tradesman and this is no different in the field of auto mechanics. A good tradesman will always have an orderly toolbox and clean equipment often so that each job is a joy to do. Working with clients, a well-respected motor mechanic will treat people kindly and understand that explaining the job at hand will help them understand their vehicle and obviously the money that's being spent. Clients appreciate friendly well-mannered tradesperson working on their vehicle.

What are mechanical repairs?

Any repair to your vehicle that keeps it running smoothly and safely is defined as a mechanical repair. Engine tune-ups, gearbox and differential attention, Oil changes, tyre repairs and replacement etc.

Where is the best place to find a good mechanic?

There are many good mechanics available to use and send your vehicle to. Sometimes a referral from a friend that knows a reputable motor vehicle mechanic will help. Other times it may be online and checking the business ratings and reviews from previous clients. This is always a great way to double-check if your mechanic is professional and reliable

Campbelltown Pink Slips
How long does a registration inspection take?

Pink slip inspection should take no more than 1 hour to complete. The mechanical needs to drive the vehicle to test for brakes and roadworthiness. He also checks tyres, wheel alignment, steering, suspension and all other main safety aspects of your motor car. Once the mechanic is experienced with pink slip inspections he or she becomes faster at spotting any problems or safety issues. In general, a pink slip should take no more than 1 hour to carry out.

Do mechanics check all my lights?

During a pink slip inspection of your car, your mechanic will check all lights to make sure they're working operating safely. Everything from headlights, blinkers, stop and tail lights must be checked so that the vehicle may pass the safety inspection. On other occasions and even just regular servicing, a good mechanic always check the lights on a vehicle. Included in this light check are any dash lights that may show up reporting on problems within the vehicle.

Campbelltown Auto Electrical
Does my car have a computer?

Nearly all modern-day motor vehicles of every make and model will have an onboard computer system installed. The computer can adjust many aspects of the engine system whilst driving to optimise the performance of the car. By having the computer take care of what used to be a static system it can eliminate many problems. Fuel usage will be lower, performance rates will be high and the overall wellbeing of the motor vehicle will be better. Vehicle computer systems allow the auto mechanic to check a full diagnostic report on what is wrong with the motor vehicle. Using this diagnostic approach will save your mechanic time and save you money.

What is a diagnostic check?

When you have a car in for its service a motor mechanic can run a full diagnostic on the engine and all its components. This diagnostic report allows the repairer to see any problems very quickly. It's a bit like having a blood test when you go to the doctors. What's the computer has given the diagnostic report to the mechanic you can generally spot the problem straight away and the diagnostic report will even advise what needs fixing.

Campbelltown Brake Repairs
Why are my brakes squealing?

Disc pads and drum brakes can often have a buildup create an on the surface of the disc pad itself. Kind of glazing over effect which when pressed against steel braking system creates a squeal or a whistle. Brake pad technology has helped to improve this problem but it's still can occur. Your brake specialist can spot this problem easily and give you the best advice for your car.

How can I tell if my brakes need servicing?

There is no doubt that brakes are one of the most important parts of your motor vehicle. Sometimes you'll notice when driving and braking that your pedal will thump back at you, a bit like a wobble. This can be a sign that you have warped discs in your brake system. It means that your brake disc will need machining or replacing. It is extremely dangerous to drive with warped brake discs. You may also have glazed brake pads. When a brake pad becomes overheated it can become glazed and this creates a whistling or screeching sound when the brakes are applied. The brake pad is not operating at its optimal level. Although new technology has enabled brake pad manufacturers to eliminate this squealing it's still can occur in some vehicles.

How long does it take to have my brakes serviced?

Brake servicing can normally take around 2 hours and can be extended up to 4 hours depending on the severity and damage to your braking system. Ask your motor vehicle repairer how long you should allow having your brake service. Obviously, if a full system is being replaced the time could be extended considerably.

Do my disc brakes need machining?

The next time you have your brakes serviced, it's a good idea to ask your mechanic to check the quality of the discs themselves. Wear and tear on the disc brake system overtime will often result in the discs needing replacing.

Campbelltown Wheel Alignments
How do I know if my car needs a wheel alignment?

A wheel alignment is something you should never neglect having done. If your car drifts or moves in any direction when you remove your hands from the steering wheel for a short time it is a sure sign at the wheels need to be aligned. It is especially dangerous to drive a vehicle without the wheels running true. A car with poor wheel alignment is often the case for poor tyre wear. Make sure your wheels are well-aligned. Fuel usage is also higher on a vehicle with poorly aligned wheels.

Campbelltown Tyres
How do I know if my tyres need replacing?

Tyres are again one of the most neglected parts of a motor vehicle. We generally are concerned with the motor and other parts of the car and tend to overlook our tyres as a safety feature. Having a full tyre inspection and rotation is a very safe service to carry out on your motor vehicle to know whether your tyres require replacement. A well-trained motor mechanic will be on the lookout for a few telltale signs. All tyres manufactured come with a wear gauge within the tire itself. It's a small gauge that tells us whether the tire is due for changing. It should also be checked for cuts and abrasions to the side walls. Having a damaged sidewall on your tire can be extremely dangerous especially at high speeds and under braking.

What is a good brand of tyre for my car?

It would be hard to place any brand of tire above another. Most reputable tyre manufacturers build tyres to Australian standards and ensure safe operation as long as a few guidelines are followed. The right tyre for your car is the one specified by the manufacturer of your vehicle with regards to size and also inflation. You should always adhere to the advised tyre size and rating given to you to buy the make and model of your car. Your mechanic will know the best tyre for your vehicle. It's what he is trained to do.

Campbelltown Clutch & Gearbox
Can my mechanic fix my gearbox?

Most makes and models of cars these days have very stable gearbox and clutch systems. In fact, if the servicing is kept up to date there shouldn't be a need to be replaced for at least the life of the vehicle. if however, you have an older vehicle, yes your mechanic was well trained when learning his craft to repair gearboxes and clutch systems.

Campbelltown Car Service
How much does it cost to service my car?

All professional mechanics will generally have a standard service price for each different vehicle. This tune-up pricing will often not include parts for the service. Given that each make and model of motor vehicle all have difficulties in different areas of the service, this service fee will vary. Ask us at Bradbury Automotive how much your vehicle will cost to have a general service and tune-up.

Do you have to use genuine parts on my car?

More often than not, the genuine parts on a motor vehicle will be best for it. On occasion, a better product has been produced due to a defective line of parts. Your vehicle repairer will advise on which parts replacements these might be. There are also producers of parts such as spark plugs, oil filters, air filters etc that will be a better choice for your motor vehicle.

How long does it take to have my car service?

Car servicing time duration will depend on the type of service you are having done. An engine rebuild could take weeks where is a simple tyre rotation and brake check could be as little as 1 hour. Your professional vehicle servicing company should be able to give you an exact time frame be your vehicle servicing.

Why does my car even need servicing?

Is there any evidence that our cars need servicing? If you look at a trucking company and the logistics involved in the many millions of dollars spent you will find that servicing their vehicles regularly reduce costs in a massive way. The damage sustained on a non-serviced vehicle will have a far greater cost than servicing itself when something goes wrong. Engines oil gets thicker and therefore the engine struggles, costing you more fuel in the long run. If a vehicle runs smooth and clean, your fuel bill will be at a minimal price. Less unexpected headaches as well. Imagine Christmas time and your car fails because you haven't serviced it regularly. Is just another added stress and cost to your already busy life.

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Specialising in all Mechanical Repairs for all Makes and Model Vehicles, Bikes and Trailers. Campbelltown Auto Servicing professionals for European cars. Everything from pink slips to brake repairs is what we do best. Campbelltown mechanics. Bradbury Automotive

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