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Blue Slips - Campbelltown


Blue Slips Campbelltown. Bradbury Automotive will handle all your Blue slip inspections CALL and talk to us about your BLUE SLIPS

Blue Slips Campbelltown


What is the aim of a Blue Slip Inspection?

Blue Slip Inspections are a report that ensures an unregistered vehicle is secure and meets design and identification requirements. This involves vehicles whose registration has expired, as well as vehicle inspections prior to purchase.

All unregistered light vehicles in NSW need Blue Slip inspections before they can be licenced in the state, and light vehicles include, according to the Roads and Maritime Services website, passenger cars.

Both bikes, caravans, and trailers weighing less than 4.5 tonnes, including those equipped with breakaway brakes, but excluding those equipped with air or vacuum braking systems vehicles for transporting goods with a gross vehicle mass of less than 4.5 tonnes (without power-operated brakes).

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Vehicle Out Of Rego?

Vehicles that have been unregistered for more than three months, vehicles imported from other states or abroad, vehicles without number plates, and vehicles that have been written off but are now approved for re-registration are among the other Blue Slip provisions.

Have you installed a new engine in your vehicle? or had a reconditioned engine put in?

That's a Blue Slip, by the way.

Need to get rid of those annoying defect notifications so you can get back on the road?

That's also a Blue Slip.

What is a Blue Slip?


A blue slip is different from a pink slip in that it extensively inspects all aspects of the vehicle, including leaks, lighting, seat belts, brakes, and suspension.

A blue slip also includes a written-off vehicle search, which recognises stolen vehicles that have been rebadged with number plates from a wrecked vehicle, a forensic vehicle identification check, which identifies any vehicle, and a design test, which ensures that the vehicle meets the manufacturer's specifications.

If you're selling a car without a licence, re-registering your car from another state, or if your registration has been expired for more than three months, you'll need a blue slip. And it's not just a car – many people forget about their boat trailer and caravan before it's summer...and then face a hefty fine right before the holidays!

A blue slip is valid for 28 days after it is released. If you don't pass the blue slip inspection, you have 14 days to have the defects corrected and return to your nearest inspection centre, much like the pink slip inspection.

If you fail to return your blue slip or pink slip, your vehicle will be considered unregistered. You can, however, drive the vehicle to and from the inspection centre and your house, or to a specialist repair shop, or to the nearest possible weighbridge to assess the vehicle's weight. Only make sure you have a reservation before heading to the service centre or inspection centre, and stay on the shortest route possible.

If you are found driving an unregistered car on some other road, you will be charged – see above! – and the vehicle's number plates may be removed immediately or the vehicle may be confiscated.

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Have your blue inspection carried out by our team of qualified mechanics 

A "Blue Slip" differs from a "Pink Slip" in the following ways:



1 - A more comprehensive vehicle identification search that aims to correctly identify the vehicle.



2 - The addition of a written-off vehicle search to aid in the detection of stolen vehicles re-identified using the names of wrecked vehicles purchased at auction.



3 - A design review to insure that a vehicle complies with vehicle design and construction requirements.



4 - For interstate vehicles to be licenced in NSW, a blue slip is also needed.

WARNING! Be Careful

Unregistered vehicles are subject to immediate penalties ($1007 for driving uninsured and unregistered) and four demerit points. If the case goes to court, the court will fine you up to $2200 for driving without a licence and $5500 for driving without insurance.

The only time you can legally drive an unregistered car is if you go straight to your inspection station or a motor registry to register it. You must also take the shortest or most direct path.

Before a vehicle can be licenced in NSW, it must first undergo an Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection

(also known as a blue slip).


This contains the following:

  • Registration that has been inactive for more than three months

  • If you're bringing a vehicle into NSW from another Australian state or another region, there are a few things you should know.

  • Vehicles without licence plates

  • Vehicles that have been written off have been cleared for re-registration.

  • A report on an Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection is also needed:

  • To update vehicle registration records, for example, if the vehicle's specifications have changed substantially, such as a new engine.

  • To get rid of the fault notifications.

The findings of your Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection will be submitted to Roads and Maritime electronically in the vast majority of cases.​

Inspection records are only valid for 42 days after the inspection date. This ensures you must use the inspection report to complete a transaction with Roads and Maritime within 42 days of receiving it.

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There are many mechanics in Campbelltown however not many of them have a Blue Slip Inspection Service available to the community., Bradbury Automotive carry out Campbelltown Blue Slip Inspections.  It doesn't happen often but we are here for you when it is required.


To renew your prized possession and save you money in case anything major happens, it would pay to look into the cost of Blue slip inspections 

Only a qualified and motor mechanic will have the know-how and skill to perform These vehicle inspections on your car. If you have Googled 'Blue slips near me', we should show up everytime to help you through the blue slip phase.

Blue Slip Inspections Campbelltown | 
 Bradbury Automotive

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