If you have any mechanical repairs needed for your loved vehicle, please BOOK IN with Adrian and the team at Bradbury Automotive - Campbelltown mechanics to get the job done right.

Simply follow a link below for any specific requirements and we'll do the rest. We will contact you with a date and time for mechanical repairs and servicing.




Does your car sound sick? Won't start? Not running how it should be? Let the team at Bradbury Automotive take a look. Professional mechanical repairers in Campbelltown for any problem large or small. Don't let the little things become big things. Regular mechanical servicing for all makes and models.





Is it that time of the year again? Does your rego need to be paid with an inspection certificate? We are here for you and waiting to help with all your pink slip needs. We'll have you back on the road and up and running with a safe and sound vehicle.





Be prepared and carry your completed new registration application, as well as proof of identification, address, vehicle possession, and CTP coverage, just like the boy scouts. Our Blue slip inspection mechanic will help you register your vehicle trailer or camper.





If your brakes are squealing or whistling it could be a sign of poor brake pads. If your pedal is wobbling or grinding, its a sure sign of brake servicing. Full brake check carried out while you wait at our new workshop in Bradbury Campbelltown





Don't risk the safety of the entire family on a faulty steering system or even worse, a bad wheel alignment. These items are one of the major causes in fatal crashes. 





New tyres fitted and balanced for your vehicle. Have your steering checked while we work on the tyres. Wide range of the latest tyres and we can even suggest some dashing new rims to jazz up the look of the family treasure.





The oil within your gearbox will, over time become thicker and sludgier. Regular maintenance on your vehicle gearbox will lower fuel costs and improve performance. Don't forget for manual transmission vehicles, a well balanced and serviced clutch is always the way to go.





Logbook checklist completed on time and well maintained. Keep your car's value tip-top by regularly maintaining the logbook servicing requirements. A Car with up to date logbook servicing will always hold its value more than those without. 





Campbelltown engine reconditioning professionals. Rebuild your tired engine with one of Campbelltown's finest motor mechanic services. Pistons, Crankshafts, blocks and heads can be all rebuilt and repaired. Classic motor rebuilding through to Racing engine rebuilds.





Professional auto electrical services in Campbelltown. We will take care of any auto electrical problems that your car may have and have your prized possession in great shape. Don't let the police be the ones to inform you that your lights are faulty. We can do that for a lot less money. Full Electrical checks available.

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Specialising in all Mechanical Repairs for all Makes and Model Vehicles, Bikes and Trailers. Campbelltown Auto Servicing professionals for European cars. Everything from pink slips to brake repairs is what we do best. Campbelltown mechanics include logbook servicing, repairs and replacement of engines, gearboxes, brakes and clutches. Full vehicle diagnostic workshop and services. Providing tyre repairs and replacement, air conditioning re-gassing and auto electrical repairs. Years of experience has created the best mechanics in Campbelltown here to service our clients from start to finish. If you're looking for mechanics near Campbelltown, look no further than Bradbury Automotive for the best auto repair experience.



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Specialising in all Mechanical Repairs for all Makes and Model Vehicles, Bikes and Trailers.

Our services include log book servicing, registration inspections, repairs and replacement of engines, gearboxes, brakes and clutches along with all diagnostic services. We provide Tyre repairs and replacement, air conditioning re-gassing and electrical repairs. Pink slips and vehicle servicing for all Campbelltown. Fast, professional service every time.

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