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​Engine replacements Campbelltown. Bradbury Automotive can replace your tired worn-out engine. CALL TODAY and talk to us about your engine replacement

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Engines Replacement Services


The majority of people have heard of an engine rebuild, but few have a thorough understanding of what a replacement engine is and what it entails. Reconditioned engines are used for a variety of reasons. We'll look at why engines are replaced, how an engine is replaced, and some signs that your car might benefit from a newer replacement engine.

Motor installers.

Searching or looking for a used motor installer couldn't be simpler. Simply search for motor replacement mechanics near me. If you live near Campbelltown, the chances are the number one motor mechanic for motor replacement is Bradbury Automotive. Adrian Galati has made it his profession and speciality to provide all motor replacement services.

Fitting a second-hand engine to your car.

When you fit a second-hand engine into your car, you won't even tell the difference between the original and when you raise the hood, the replacement engine will look the same and sound the same. Chances are it will probably perform much better than before, given that it is a younger, healthier engine. By fitting a second-hand engine to your car, it will get a full-service and diagnostic view from the mechanic to make sure that everything is working in tip-top condition and that you will have years of safe driving ahead of you. If it is a refurbished engine, it is almost considered a new motor and will restart its servicing clock. Your mechanic at Bradbury Automotive will update your vehicle's logbook and set you up for a new service agenda. 


Have the professionals at Bradbury mechanics replace your worn out engine

Motor Replacement.

Motor replacement is not a difficult thing, even though it sounds catastrophic. The motor in your vehicle is like any other part. One day it will need replacing. Replacing motors is a very common practice in the motor mechanic industry. Every day in Australia, hundreds of vehicles have second-hand or refurbished engines put into them. The lifespan of an engine is usually determined by the number of kilometres driven. If the vehicle has been well maintained and serviced correctly throughout its life, you can almost guarantee at least 300,000km or possibly more from the life of an engine. This is where motor vehicle servicing is vital to the life span of your vehicle's engine.

3 signs or symptoms that your engine may need replacing


Increased ENGINE smoke

If you notice that your car is emitting more exhaust smoke than normal, it's a good sign that something is wrong with the MOTOR. 

You can usually tell what the problem is based on the colour of the smoke. 

Black smoke indicates that there is too much gas being burned. 

The presence of blue exhaust smoke means that oil is being heated up in the engine. 

The appearance of puffy white exhaust suggests a problem with the radiator or cooling system, as coolant is being fried inside the engine, placing your car at risk of overheating.

Engine replacements Campbelltown


Engine MAKING noises

Strange noises are often a warning that you can take your car to the mechanic. This is particularly true if the noises originate from under the hood. The engine bearings are generally worn out and need to be replaced when you hear a knocking noise. It's important to get this service finished before your motor fully shuts down.

Engine replacement in Campbelltown


Metal PARTICLES in the engine oil

Make sure the technician inspects the old oil for metal particles when you get it updated. 

If any are present, this could indicate an increase in friction between the engine's moving parts. 

That's not nice! 

It implies that there is a problem with lubrication and that some kind of repair is needed.

Engine replacements near Campbelltown

WARNING! Don't Delay

You can contact the team at Bradbury Automotive near Campbelltown for a full health check-up of your cars engine's condition. 

At Bradbury Automotive, we supply full engine replacements with restored and low-mileage second hand motors or full engine rebuilds.

Since our mechanical shop is so affordable, exchanging an engine is a much better alternative than having to purchase an entirely new vehicle. 

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Second-hand motor mechanics

If you're looking for a second-hand engine motor mechanic, Bradbury Automotive has you covered. Our very knowledgeable team has helped many customers replace tired, old, worn-out engines with second-hand motors.


An experienced mechanic like the ones at Bradbury Automotive has seen, repaired, and replaced many makes and models of second-hand engines. Just because a second-hand engine has been in another car doesn't mean it can't give you years of good service.

Some cars can be written off through an accident or some sort of damage that doesn't affect the motor at all. An experienced second-hand engine mechanic will test your engine to make sure it still has plenty of life. The only parts that wear out on a car are the moving ones, and predominantly, this is the engine first and foremost. Your brakes get replaced, your tyres get changed, but the engine does not. So if a second-hand engine is what you seek, call the second-hand motor mechanic experts at Bradbury Automotive. Your Campbelltown mechanics

Replace your motor.

There's no doubt that, over the years, our motor vehicle engines will wear out. Many modern-day car engines last far longer than their yesteryear counterparts, but they still do wear out. If you can tell that your engine is becoming sluggish and may need replacing, it would pay to do it sooner rather than later. Most of the parts on your current engine will be used on your replacement motor, so before it wears out completely, come to the specialist motor mechanics at Bradbury Automotive.

Where do I buy a second-hand motor?

Second-hand motors can be purchased, usually from a motor vehicle wrecker. Some vehicles have major accidents and cannot be fixed, but the engine and components of the car are still in fine order with low kilometres. These engines are shelved in the same catalogue and onsold for the same brand, make, and model of vehicles that may require a replacement engine. Auto dismantlers, or wreckers, as they are widely known, have hundreds and hundreds of parts for your car sitting on a shelf ready for you to purchase. A reconditioned engine is no different.

Second- motor installation.

Second-hand motor installation requires a professional, well-trained mechanic. In years gone by, with older models and early vehicles, people used to replace the motors themselves, which back in the day wasn't too difficult if you had some knowledge of motor mechanics. But since the introduction of computers to vehicles, this has become very difficult indeed. Nowadays with the modern vehicle, you will require the help I'm a reputable motor mechanic and can help you achieve a refurbished engine replacement.

Mechanic to install engines

If you are looking into replacing a tired old engine with a reconditioned or used one, make sure your motor mechanic is the right one. You must choose a mechanic who knows how to install engines and has experience in this area. It's no good choosing a mechanic that has never replaced the worn-out motor.

Engine Replacements Campbelltown - Bradbury Automotive - Engine swap

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