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Engines Rebuilding Services


The majority of people have heard of an engine rebuild, but few have a thorough understanding of what a rebuilt engine is and what it entails. Reconditioned engines are used for a variety of reasons. We'll look at why engines are rebuilt, how an engine is rebuilt, and some signs that your car might benefit from a rebuild.

Reasons for a rebuild

Wear on engine bearings and improper piston ring seating are the two most common reasons for reconditioning an engine. The engine's moving parts (crankshaft, rods, and pistons) are supported by bearings that allow them to move freely. Engine oil is used to lubricate these bearings. Bearings are designed to last hundreds of miles, but they do wear out over time. When a car isn't properly maintained and runs on low oil levels or the oil change schedule isn't followed, this wear accelerates exponentially.

Signs You May Need a Rebuild

There are a few telltale signs that your engine may need to be rebuilt. 

Oil consumption and excessive white smoke in the exhaust are the most common symptoms, particularly when the engine is cold. This is usually a sign that the piston rings are worn out. 

Metal shavings in the engine oil (a common sign of dangerously worn bearings) and "knocking" or "chattering" from the engine bearings are more serious signs.


Keep in mind that a rebuild can be very costly, and it may not be the best option for all cars. If you think you're in need of a rebuild, you may want to look into swapping in a lower-mileage or better-maintained engine, as this may be a more cost-effective alternative.

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What Happens During a Rebuild of an Engine?


When an engine is rebuilt, a few basic procedures are followed to ensure that it is in good working order. 

The engine's "short block," or lower half, is removed first and sent to an automotive machine shop. 

It is disassembled and cleaned in the store so that the block's condition can be properly assessed. 

The piston rings, bearings, and sometimes the pistons themselves are replaced depending on the condition of the engine's internal components. 

To ensure that the new piston rings can form a proper seal with the cylinder walls, the internal surfaces of the cylinders are also reconditioned. 

The engine is then reassembled and reinstalled in the car.

3 signs or symptoms that your engine is failing


Increased exhaust smoke

If you notice that your car is emitting more exhaust smoke than normal, it's a good sign that something is wrong with the engine. 

You can usually tell what the problem is based on the colour of the smoke. 

Black smoke indicates that there is too much gas being burned. 

The presence of blue exhaust smoke means that oil is being heated up in the engine. 

The appearance of puffy white exhaust suggests a problem with the radiator or cooling system, as coolant is being fried inside the engine, placing your car at risk of overheating.

Engine reconditioning Campbelltown


Engine knocking noises

Strange noises are often a warning that you can take your car to the mechanic. This is particularly true if the noises originate from under the hood. The engine bearings are generally worn out and need to be replaced when you hear a knocking noise. It's important to get this service finished before your motor fully shuts down.

Engine reconditioning Campbelltown


Metal flakes in the engine oil

Make sure the technician inspects the old oil for metal particles when you get it updated. 

If any are present, this could indicate an increase in friction between the engine's moving parts. 

That's not nice! 

It implies that there is a problem with lubrication and that some kind of repair is needed.

Engine reconditioning Campbelltown

WARNING! Don't Delay

You can contact the team at Bradbury Automotive in Campbelltown for a competent assessment of your engine's condition. 

At Bradbury, we provide full engine replacement with restored and low-mileage used engines or full engine rebuilds.

Since our facility is so affordable, replacing your engine is a much better alternative than replacing your entire vehicle. 

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There are many mechanics in Campbelltown however not many of them have an engine reconditioning service. Available to the community., Bradbury Automotive have a Campbelltown engine reconditioning service.  When your vehicle has had many years of great service to you and starts to wear down, engine rebuilding will be something required in the long run.


To protect your prized possession and save you money in case anything major happens, it would pay to look into the cost of engine reconditioning. 

Only a qualified and motor mechanic will have the know-how and skill to perform quality engine reconditioning on your car. Don't try to handle this procedure on your own. It could cost you dearly. Engine Rebuilding

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