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Vehicle Servicing | Campbelltown

Computer Diagnostics
Let us run our full computer diagnostic process on your family car or business vehicle to eliminate any common bugs that may need to be fixed. Bradbury Automotive has the most current operating systems for flawless engine checking.  
Vehicle Diagnostic Tuning

Bradbury Automotive

Vehicle Safety Check
Complete Safety Check
Car safety checks
Don't take a chance on your families safety. Have your vehicle fully checked over for any safety issues that you may not know about. All registered vehicles must be roadworthy and safe to drive on NSW roads. Book In Now!
Pink Slip Inspections Campbelltown
Pink Slip Inspections
Pink Slips In Campbelltown.jpg
Is it that time of the year again? It seems to roll around so quickly. Quick and complete pink slip inspections are a main product of our vehicle servicing. We'll have you and your family back on the road in no time
Campbelltown Tune Ups
Tune Ups
Campbelltown Tune Ups
Campbelltown tune up professionals. if your car isn't running smoothly or you notice something is not right, book in with the team at Bradbury Automotive. Full car tune ups and engine checks.
Oil Changes
Oil is the 1 thing that needs replacing at regular intervals. Don't let oil become old and gluggy. It will only damage an otherwise healthy engine. It helps improve fuel efficiency and will keep your car running well for many years. 
Campbelltown Oil Change
Campbelltown Tyres
Your grip on the road is the most important factor when running the kids around or even day to day driving. If your tyres look even slightly worn, it's time to have them professionally tyre checked. Have our mechanics will run our safety gauge over them.
Campbelltown Tyre Service
Brake Repairs
Imagine not being able to stop your vehicle in an emergency. It could be devastating for all your family. We specialise in fixing faulty brakes and are brake servicing professionals.
For goodness sakes, don't have faulty brakes.
Campbelltown Brake Repairs
Log Book Servicing
When the day comes to trade in your car or upgrade to a newer model, the value will all come down to log book servicing. A vehicle with full log book servicing will always hold better value. It shows you've cared for your vehicle over the years of ownership.
Campbelltown Log Book Service
Steering and Suspension
All aspect of steering and suspension servicing. All makes and models of vehicles suspension systems and steering components. A car that drives straight on many terrains is a vehicle worth owning. Especially important for any off road types. 4WD vehicles etc
Campbelltown Steering
Clutch and Gearbox
A sound transmission system is something every car owner should think about. With fuel efficiency involved, it is a must do. Manual gearbox servicing professionals.
Campbelltown Gearbox Repairs
Engine Reconditioning
Having your engine rebuilt can be a difficult thing to endure. Let us bring that tired old machine back to life with professional advice on Engine
replacement VS engine rebuilding or reconditioning. 
Campbelltown Engine Reconditioning
Blue Slip Inspections
Blue slip inspections.jpg
Blue slip inspections specialists at Bradbury Automotive will soon have your vehicle back on the road with full registration. Allow our team to carry out any blue slip inspections that you need. 
Most makes and models

Vehicle Servicing for Campbelltown. Our Campbelltown mechanics do Brake repairs, pink slips, blue slips, auto electrical, engine reconditioning and full diagnostic reporting. Immediate mechanical repairs when you need your car servicing carried out.

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