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Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspections

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How can you tell if that used vehicle you are about to buy is a good one?

Easy! Before you say yes, book a pre-purchase car inspection with Bradbury Automotive where our qualified staff will check your new vehicle from top to bottom leaving nothing to chance and could save you thousands.

Are you looking to purchase a used vehicle? Our Comprehensive car Inspections will inspect your next vehicle and provide you with a detailed Car Inspection Report as well as a full photo register.

A comprehensive review of all mechanical parts, panel repairs, interior condition, logbook, and a thorough road test will be given in our pre-purchase inspection report. Our On-Site inspection reports are fully independent and accessible right after the inspection is done. Our inspectors will always give you friendly advice and describe the report to you in plain English.

Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspections Campbelltown

EXTENSIVE diagnostic screening is our specialty. All of our device diagnostics are tailored to and specific make and model, allowing us to recover hidden faults and data that are often missed by generic scanning.

When purchasing a used car from a private seller, a dealership, or an auction, we provide comprehensive and easy-to-understand inspection reports. End-of-Warranty inspections, finance/identification reports, accident/mechanical damage reports, and Fair Trading (NCAT) Investigation reports are also available.

Both types of passenger vehicles are subjected to vehicle inspections. Whether you're buying a used car or the warranty on your current vehicle is about to expire, you can have it inspected to find any flaws.

Both mechanical components and body panels are inspected during our on-site mechanical and body inspections, which take around 2.0 to 2.5 hours.

SUVs, 4x4s, Buses, and People Movers are just some of the vehicles we inspect.

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Specialising in all Mechanical Repairs for all Makes and Model Vehicles, Bikes and Trailers.

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